Samsung Tizen TV OS is now available to third-party TV makers


29, 2019

Author Pradeep // in News

Android TV OS has become the de facto standard for smart TVs. Except for Samsung and LG, most other TV OEMs now rely on Android TV OS. There are thousands of apps available for download from Play Store for Android TV devices. In order to attract more developers to its Tizen TV platform, Samsung today made a huge announcement. At the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (SDC19), Samsung announced that it will be offering its Tizen TV OS to third-party TV makers for the first time. Samsung also announced the following new developer tools to bring new apps across the 100 million Smart TVs that are powered by Tizen TV OS.

  • Wits automatically uploads a code edit to the TV, so developers can see their update almost immediately, significantly trimming development time.
  • EasyST makes testing content playback much easier because developers don’t need to build their own test app to make sure their content is streaming as intended.
  • TIFA (Tizen Identifier for Advertising) gives consumers the option to limit ad tracking or opt-out of targeted advertising

Source: Samsung

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