Samsung announces new features in SmartThings Find for added convenience and privacy

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Last week, Samsung started selling the new Galaxy SmartTag+ tracker that features both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Users can use AR to get visually guide towards where their missing product is located using their smartphone’s camera. SmartTag+ supports SmartThings Find network which now has more than 70 million helper devices. Samsung today announced two new features for SmartThings Find, find them below.

  • First, users will now be able to use Bixby for convenient hands-free, voice-activated Galaxy SmartTag searches. Users can easily and quickly find their belongings by calling out the SmartTag’s name to Bixby; for instance, if the user asks “Hi Bixby, where’s my bike?” Bixby will immediately find and share its exact location by ringing it.
  • Second, the new Unknown Tag Search feature can detect a Galaxy SmartTag that doesn’t belong to you is moving along with you. With the press of a start button, Unknown Tag Search will scan for unknown SmartTags and provide a list to ensure nobody is secretly tracking your location.

You can order the new Galaxy SmartTag tracker here.

Source: Samsung