We reported last week that Samsung’s Gumi smartphone factory was shut down for the weekend after a case of Coronavirus at the plant.

Samsung resumed production on Monday last week after disinfecting the area, and instituted additional policies and procedures to prevent the spread of the virus at the facility, such as banning travel and asking everyone to wear masks.

Unfortunately, it appears these procedures were not bulletproof, as Samsung as reported another case at the facility, resulting in another shut down from the 1st to 3rd March 2020, according to a Korean publication.

Another case, involving a cafeteria worker, was also diagnosed at Samsung’s Giheung semiconductor factory. That facility has not been shut, but the cafeteria has been closed temporarily.

Samsung said it will be donating $24.6 million to help fight the virus in Korea, which has been very hard hit by the illness. Samsung, however, insists these issues will not affect the availability of their flagship handsets.

via SamMobile