Samsung SGH-i687 confirmed, confirms Bluetooth File Transfer for WP8 also



samsung sgh-i687

The Samsung SGH-i687 leaked recently via app telemetry posted by WPDang, but now Samsung has done us the favour of actually publishing the browser profile of the device, which contains oodles of useful information.

The first is that the device does run IE10, confirming a Windows Phone 8 handset. Disappointingly it only has a WVGA 800×480 screen, which is somewhat low for a launch Windows Phone 8 handset, but forgivable if its the cheap half of a pair of handsets. The handset is confirmed to be an LTE device also, according to the profile.

Also pretty interesting however is that the Bluetooth profile finally confirms the presence of Object Push, mostly used for Bluetooth File Transfer. Of course we do not know how powerful this feature will be in Windows Phone 8 – it may only allow contacts to be transferred for example, but ideally it will allow the exchange of non-DRM media and files, a major issue in areas with poor network coverage and high data charges, not to mention heterogeneous device profiles.

Interestingly the profile is only listed as 2.1, while we are expecting at least 3.0, so things may still be changing prior to release.

The SGH-i6xx handsets traditionally come to AT&T – we shall have to wait and see what will be delivered to the rest of the world.


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