Samsung S3B512C Brings Payment Card Security to New Levels

February 2, 2022
Samsung S3B512C
S3B512C can change the way how payment cards function. By combining Secure Element, Secure Processor, and fingerprint sensor all in one chip, this can be the solution to card fraud problems.

Card fraud is a common scenario everywhere. There are ways to prevent and determine if you are already a victim of the said crime. Yet, won’t it be more convenient for the end-users if the cards themselves have the utmost ability to resist fraud attempts? That seemed impossible in the past, but Samsung opened a wide gate to new possibilities by introducing the S3B512C technology.

The S3B512C is Samsung’s new fingerprint security integrated circuit (IC). Generally, it combines Secure Element, Secure Processor, and fingerprint sensor all in one chip. This means it can perform all the three central functions needed to assure the security of your information. This includes storing and authenticating encrypted data with a tamper-proof SE, reading fingerprint biometric information, and processing/analyzing data with a Secure Processor. It is also strengthened by additional layers of security and authentication, resulting in the different benefits that can be enjoyed by cardholders and card manufacturers. 

The most significant change it can undoubtedly bring in the future is the faster and more secure process when making payments on store purchases. With the amalgamation of the security features, entering a PIN will be a thing of the past. Moreover, since S3B512C uses anti-spoofing technology and will require the cardholder’s actual fingerprint, fraudulent activities will be deterred even if someone has your physical card. And together with the power of Secure Processor, Samsung’s authentication algorithm fingerprint will analyze the biometric data bit by bit, so criminals won’t be able to penetrate the security system even with an illegitimate fingerprint copy.

Furthermore, S3B512C is certified by Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 6+ and EMVCo. It also complements Mastercard’s Biometric Evaluation Plan Summary for its biometric payment cards. With such credentials, S3B512C can be used not only for payment cards but also for other types of cards that demand strict authentications.

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