Samsung rumoured to be stepping away from Windows Phone 7

by Surur
September 11, 2011

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SamFirmware is claiming that Samsung is in the process of distancing itself from Windows Phone 7 and increasing its emphasis on Android and especially its own home-grown Bada OS.

SamFirmware often have early access to leaked Samsung ROMs, which gives there statement some amount of credibility.

While Windows Phone 7 is seen by most as a natural counterbalance to dependence on Google’s Android SamFirmware claims Samsung is still confident in their relationship with Google, despite its Motorola purchase, saying:

”Google will not use Motorola that much… Google wants Samsung as his real partner”

Seems like Google can’t without Samsung Mobile.

Samsung’s CEO Choi Sung has also made it clear that Bada is more important to them than most people think, saying  Samsung is working "harder than people on the outside think" on the OS. 

An update, Bada 2.0, has released recently by the company.

Further support for the rumour can be found in both a leaked roadmap which shows only a poorly specified follow-up for the Samsung Omnia 7 in Europe, the Samsung Omnia W, with a small screen and low resolution camera, and a recent FCC disclose of a mildly updated Samsung Omnia 7 with a front-facing camera running Mango, both not demonstrating much effort or emphasis on the OS by Samsung.

While the end of 2012 is still a long way off, now would be about the time when OEMs start proposing or even starting development on new devices,  and if true it may mean the strategic landscape is changing once again for Windows Phone 7.

Maybe Microsoft needs to be buying Nokia and RIM after all…


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