Samsung is rolling out an update to the Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 and Gear Sport which brings much of the features of the new Galaxy Watch Active to the older devices.

This means a more fitness focus and a number of tweaks which includes settings which can toggle waking on touch, the Goodnight mode, the frequency of Daily Briefings, new watch faces.

The update also brings faster, simpler workout tracking through both the Samsung Health app and the widget, which tracks outdoor swimming, offers Apple Watch-style high heart rate alerts and more detailed sleep tracking that compares your average to your age group. The Samsung Health app now offers Daily Activities screen right from the start to keep tabs on your progress.

The update could also bring better battery life, with more aggressive app management that closes background apps and tweaks settings. You can fine-tune other settings, such as the brightness and screen timeout.

See the full changelog below:

  • One UI for Watch
    • Check information on your watch at a quick glance.
    • Updated graphics(motion, interface) delivers refreshed look
  • Watch faces
    • You can now download new designs of watch faces
  • Quick panel
    •  Now supports additional pages to allow quick access to setting control
  • Settings
    • Setting menus have been updated for easier discovery. Daily briefing setting has been added for watch to be smarter. Additionally, Sleeping mode can now be turned on/off. Watch can now be set to wake up by touching the screen
  •  Samsung Health
    • Daily Activity feature added which shows user’s daily activity
    • (Move, Workout, Hourly Activity)
    • Usability improved by continuous syncing in between paired smartphone and watch
    • Watch also begins to track workout quicker
    • Wellness of Heart
    • If heart rate is measured over the limit(set by user), watch notifies the user
    • Swim
    • Outdoor swim has been added to tracking
  • Battery optimization
    • Setting to manage background apps have been added
    • Sleep
    • For more contextual information, sleep statistic now includes trends and statistics of users who have the same or a similar age as the user.

See a video by Hucks World which compares the old UI to the new UI below:

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Via Engadget