Samsung releases the screen repair costs of Galaxy S10 family



Author Anmol // in Samsung

Samsung has released screen repair costs of its flagship Galaxy S10 series. The repair prices are high but Samsung managed to beat Apple in terms of the repair costs of Galaxy S10.

Samsung has released the cost of fixing both the front and the back of the device. Since Galaxy S10 comes with glass on the back as well, it’s likely that someone might break it. The company will charge $199 for replacing the screen on the Galaxy S10e, $249 for the Galaxy S10, and $269 for the Galaxy S10+. Moving to the back panel, Samsung will charge users a flat $99 for Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+. In contrast, Apple charges its customers $199 for replacing the LCD panel on the iPhone XR, $279 for the OLED on the iPhone XS, and $329 for the OLED on the iPhone XS Max. If that wasn’t bad enough, the company will charge $399 for the iPhone XR’s back panel, $549 for the iPhone XS, and a mind-boggling $599 iPhone XS Max’s back panel.

To put things into perspective, the cost of replacing “Liquid Retina” display which is basically an LCD screen on XR is the same as replacing OLED screen on Galaxy S10e. While both Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS are beautifully designed with gorgeous glass backs, Samsung has managed to keep the costs of repair down, something that Apple has failed to do.

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