Samsung releases DLNA, other Mango apps into the Samsung Zone


20, 2011


imageGood news for Samsung Windows Phone 7 owners.  Samsung has been busy on the software front, and have released 3 more Windows Phone 7 Mango apps exclusively for owners of Samsung phones.

The most interesting is AllShare , a DLNA app that allows media to be shared over WIFI with compatible televisions and other devices.

A little less interesting is Advanced SMS, a text messaging app which allows one to save characters in the 160 character SMS messages by replacing special characters (which take 2 characters)  with similar normal characters, and also allows emergency SMS messages (e.g. earthquake alerts) and advertising to be sent to the user.

The last is a Times RSS, an RSS reader (screen shot on the right).

The apps are only available to Samsung users but may not be available in the Samsung Zone yet.


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