Samsung pretends Galaxy Note 7 never existed


3, 2018

Samsung has been all over the internet lately because of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. However, it looks like the company is finally trying to remove the stain from its Note lineup.

As you might recall, Galaxy Note 7 was a big disaster for Samsung that ended up costing the company over $19 billion. The company has finally taken up to forget about the disaster and move on. In a new Galaxy Note 9 teaser video, Samsung shows the history of Note series and how it evolved. However, the internet was quick to notice that the video jumps from Note 5 to Note 8. It looked like the company had forgotten that Note 7 existed or wants to pretend like it never did.

With the launch of Galaxy Note 9 on the horizon, we do hope that even if Samsung has forgotten the Note 7, it still remembers the lessons it learnt from the fiasco.

Source: Weibo

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