While the world’s first folding smartphone is yet to go on sale, manufacturers have already started to work on various other form factors. Samsung is one of the few companies who is looking beyond what the present-day folding smartphones look like. We have recently reported that Samsung may be working on a tri-fold smartphone.

But aside from the tri-fold form factor, it appears that Samsung is also working on a flip phone as the company recently a patent for the same. The patented flip phone, however, is different from the classic flip phones. The most interesting part about the flip phone is that it can fold into three different configurations.

The different configuration is possible due to the fact that it has a long hinge, which will let users choose three different modes. You can compare the hinge of this flip phone with that of the Surface Book — the only difference is that the hinge that you’ll find in the flip is going to be a little longer.

The lower portion of the smartphone could be bent backward and by doing so you can turn your back camera into a selfie camera, as you can see in the above image.

But since this is just a patent, Samsung might go ahead and cancel the innovative flip phone.

via: Patentlymobile