Samsung “partnering with Microsoft to cut its dependency on Google Android”

imageThe fall-out of Apple’s win against Samsung in US court is still coming clear, but many have already branded Microsoft as the biggest winner.

An unnamed Asian smartphone OEM has said they would “diversify into other products running Windows” in response, and now Samsung officials have also told Korea Times that they would be doing the same, and reduce their reliance on Android.

Samsung was “closely partnering with Microsoft (MS) to cut its dependency on Google Android, according to officials Wednesday” they write.

Google itself has distanced itself from Samsung, noting most of the infringement did not involve their technology.

The somewhat unexpected announcement of the Samsung ATIV S, which was not expected to be shown at IFA 2012 on the same stage as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, may be a sign of this movement already, and will hopefully presage Samsung giving their Windows Phones more marketing emphasis.

Read more at the Korea Times here.