Samsung Omnia7 uncovered, HTC Windows Phone 7 shows up on Verizon


29, 2010


The Samsung GT-i8700 is likely the Samsung Omnia 7In many ways a slow news day can be a blessing in disguise, as it does make one work a lot harder on finding interesting news items.

Such was the case today, with our tip inbox uncharacteristically empty, and I went scouring the internet for news.  This turned up two interesting findings at DSLReport’s Mobile speed test..

forresterThe first is for a new device name, the Samsung Omnia 7. In many ways the device name should have been rather predictable – the Omnia 1 and 2 have been some of the most popular Windows Mobile devices ever.  Unfortunately besides revealing the device runs Windows Phone 7 the speed test result does not say which carrier the smartphone is on, making it likely non-US.  We suspect the smartphone is the Samsung GT-i8700.  A bit more googling does however turn up this tweet by Forrester Researcher Thomas Husson revealing that the handset will form part of the first wave of Windows Phone 7 devices this October.

A bit more interesting is the second entry at DSLReport’s mobile speed test for the HTC T8788, a device so far seen on AT&T’s network, but now apparently showing up on the devoid of Windows Phone 7 network, Verizon.

Unfortunately since the rise of Mi-Fi-type solutions this could as easily be a GSM device piggy-backing on the CDMA network, but we do like to keep the flame of hope burning. 🙂

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