Samsung may be working on a premium wireless Windows Mixed Reality headset

by Surur
May 9, 2018

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Samsung’s Odessey headset is well recognized as the best Windows Mixed Reality headset, and now the Korean Times reports that the company may be stepping it up with an even more premium wireless version.

The partnership is aimed at leveraging the Windows Mixed Reality and high-end gaming ecosystem.

“Samsung Electronics is working on developing cordless and high-priced headsets supporting both VR and AR. Definitely, Samsung plans to use in-house application processors, OLED displays and sensors. But more importantly, Microsoft has lowered its demand for royalties as it is taking a multi-pronged approach to delivering a rich ecosystem of games and applications that will entice users,” said a Samsung official by telephone who is involved with the issue.

Samsung is also asking that Microsoft uses Samsung’s processors for the wireless device, suggesting they will be ARM-powered.

“VR was once tapped as the next hot technology. However, despite sizable investment in it, the technology failed to resonate with consumers. Now, Samsung thinks the mixed reality market is a bit more promising than VR or AR in wider usability and adaptability. As we achieved in the ‘phoneblet’ market, Samsung has stronger intent in the consumer market with the firm’s new devices supporting mixed reality technology,” said the official.

“It’s premature to say how successful Microsoft will be driving a rich ecosystem which will in turn drive its adoption to mixed reality. But Windows MR is expected to boost the existing VR ecosystem. Because the market is extremely new, Samsung Electronics can understand how the markets go by partnering with Microsoft,” said the second official, adding Microsoft is tasked with stabilizing its MR platform and driving the app ecosystem.

The headset may show up at IFA in Berlin around late August 2018.


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