It would appear that Samsung will be joining the likes of Razer and ASUS in the world of Android gaming phones.

With the release of devices with 120Hz displays and RGB logos, there is no way that major players like Samsung haven’t considered the possibility. In fact, it would be silly to think that the company is even new to the world of gaming smartphones. With the recent release of Epic’s popular Battle Royale game Fortnite on Android, Samsung was one of the major players in its release. There was a Note 9 advertising campaign for the game as well as an exclusive skin based off the phone.

Samsung’s new device will allegedly be placed under the company’s Galaxy brand of smartphones. It’s not surprising, as the series is known for being a high-end flagship family, but the new focus on gaming and gamers, in particular, is a bit new. The big rumor right now, however, is that Samsung will be developing a brand-new custom CPU just for this new phone.

As of now, the rumor is nothing more than a simplistic post on Weibo, a Chinese social media. There have been more rumors recently, however, as in July it was reported that the company was also finishing up work on a custom CPU. If Samsung does want their phone to be the ultimate gaming phone, then it would appear that they’re aiming for a lot more than, say, Razer’s 120Hz display – they want to take the world by storm.

Source: BGR