Samsung is planning to launch new earbuds for fitness enthusiasts

by Anmol
March 3, 2020

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Last month, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20 series along with Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Buds+. While the company did announce a lot of products, it looks like Samsung has another product line in mind.

According to a new trademark filing (via Letsgodigital), Samsung is planning to introduce new earphones targetting the fitness market. The trademark was filed with the EUIPO on 2nd March 2020 and was published on the same date. The trademark is categorized as Class 9 with the following description:

Wearable wireless earsets primarily comprised of an MP3 player; wireless earsets incorporating a sensor for detecting whether the earset is on or off; wireless earsets incorporating software for providing a fitness guide; wireless earsets incorporating software for measuring distance, speed, time, changes in heart rate, activity level, calories burned; earphones.

From the description, it looks like Samsung is planning to jump into the wearable fitness market. The company already has a range of smartwatches but the new Beans earphones would the first fitness-focused earphones from Samsung in years. The company’s previous attempt was Galaxy X Icon which was introduced way back in 2016. The company did refresh the specs later but the new earphone is expected to be truly wireless and has a host of features that were missing from Galaxy X Icon.

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