Samsung announces ISOCELL 2.0 to enable smartphones to produce even more vivid pictures

March 4, 2021
Samsung ISOCell 2.0

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To address the color crosstalk issue that happens because of the light bleed between neighboring pixels in image sensors, Samsung introduced ISOCELL technology back in 2013. The ISOCELL technology reduced crosstalk between pixels by approximately 30%, thus improving color fidelity.

Samsung today announced the ISOCELL 2.0, which refines the technology by replacing the metallic grid between color filters with a new material. In the ISOCELL 2.0, the lower portion of the color filter barriers are replaced with a more reflective material. It further reduces optical loss in each pixel and improves light sensitivity, allowing smartphones to produce more vivid pictures with reduced noise.

Samsung ISOCell 2.0

By delivering enhanced light sensitivity, ISOCELL 2.0 allows even smaller pixels in the sensor to absorb more light, giving the sensor the tools it needs to produce photographs that are made up of a greater number of pixels. This enables the production of images with very fine detail without compromising the sensor’s vivid color reproduction.

Source: Samsung

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