Samsung is working on a groovy new Mixed Reality Odyssey headset

The Samsung Odyssey is regarded as the best Windows Mixed Reality VR headset, offering better build quality, a higher-resolution OLED 1440 x 1600 screens with 110-degree FoV, physical IPD adjustment, and built-in AKG headphones and dual-array mikes.

Now it appears Samsung is working on an upgrade to the 2018 headset, going by a new patent uncovered by LetsGoDigital. 

The patent includes high-quality diagrams of the headset which reveals the physical changes in a lot of detail.

The flat display seems to have made way for a bulbous segmented screen area which suggests a different screen is used for each eye, which may improve resolution and field of view.

The adjustment wheel in the back has been replaced by friction sliders, and there appear to be additional straps to keep the headset secure on your head.

The headset also appears to lack an IPD adjustment wheel, and this may have become electronic. Lastly, the two inside-out tracking cameras appear to have been upgraded to 4.

LetsGoDigital has done their usual magic and turned the diagram into stunning renders which can be seen below.

The patents were filed in China in early 2019 and were approved by the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) on January 17, 2020. Given the general state of VR, there is, of course, no guarantee Samsung will still release the headsets.  Given the appearance, would any of our readers pick one up? Let us know in the comments below.

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