We have heard previously that Samsung is targeting the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip at women, with the design apparently inspired by the shape of Lancombe’s make-up compact.

Now Korean publication MK.co.kr has revealed that Samsung is partnering with high-end fashion houses to release special packages at double the already steep $1500 retail price.

American fashion house Thom Browne is named in particular, with the company set to release a special version at 3 million Korean won (about $2500). Thom Browne had teased a collaboration some weeks ago.

What these packages will contain is unknown, but I would expect at the very least gold plating.

Samsung has reportedly already produced 500,000 Galaxy Z Flip handsets and hopes to sell 2.5 million units this year, with the handset reportedly hitting shelves on Valentines Day, a mere 3 days after its official launch.

Samsung is relying on its Ultra-Thin Glass screen technology to set itself apart from folding phone competitors and hopes to sell 5 million folding phones in total this year, including a new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 with an 8-inch screen.

Via SamMobile