Despite the fact that the Galaxy Fold has several issues, Samsung managed to sell 500,000 units so far this year. And now the Korean manufacturer is aiming high and wishes to surpass the 500,000 marks next year — Samsung is planning to sell more than six million foldable devices next year, according to a recent ETNews report.

Six million is huge number given the fact that a lot of things need to be fixed to eliminate the issues that are there in the current Galaxy Fold. The raising target could also mean that Samsung is confident about the next generation Galaxy Fold, which will be called Galaxy Fold 2 and is all set to show up next year at MWC. In other words, the Galaxy Fold 2 are less likely to have issues similar to those found in the current generation of the Galaxy Fold.

Not much is known about the next generation Galaxy Fold at this moment, but rumor has it that the second-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold is going to feature a larger 8-inch screen and house a stylus slot. We can also expect the smartphone to be powered by Snapdragon 855+ processor. We’ll know more about the Galaxy Fold 2 at the next year’s MWC event.

via Pocketnow