Samsung imagines a solar-charging band for the Samsung Galaxy Watch

by Surur
September 28, 2021

Battery life in smartwatches have only decreased over time, as we add more features, but Samsung is looking to solve the problem once and for all with a special watch band.

The company filed a patent in 2019 which was published recently which suggests they are working on a solar-charging band for the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The hand will contain batteries and solar cells on both sides of the watch, meaning it can charge whichever way you are facing, and the band is covered with a polymer which features quantum dots which changes the light path and guides the light towards the embedded solar cells.

Samsung also envisions multi-layer solar cells which can capture light at different wavelengths for added efficiency, meaning only a few hours of sun or even fluorescent light can keep the device fully charged.

If Samsung can maintain a change using only ambient light the company may be on a game-changer.  The full patent can be seen here.

via LetsGoDigital.

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