Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality headset now on sale


26, 2018

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Samsung recently announced an updated version of its Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset. The new Samsung Odyssey+ headset comes with an exclusive Anti-Screen Door Effect (Anti-SDE) Display. In regular VR headset displays, the fine lines separating pixels will become visible disrupting immersive experience and the Screen Door Effect may even lead to dizziness or nausea over time. Samsung claims that its display tech avoids this issue, creating a perceived PPI of 1,233 PPI for an immersive mixed reality experience. It features dual 3.5” AMOLED displays and a combined resolution of 1,440 x 1,600.

The new Odyssey+ also integrates AKG’s premium audio technology for great sounds. The built-in 360o spatial sound support that simulates 3D audio, delivering clear acoustics. The breathable anti-fog material of the  Odyssey+’s face padding ensures the inside of the eye box doesn’t mist up, allowing anyone to use the headset for extended hours.

The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is now available in the US from the Microsoft store for $499 with students, parents, teachers and the military getting a $50 discount. Samsung will also expand the availability to other countries including Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

Tech specs:

PlatformWindows MR, Steam VR Support
DisplayDual 3.5in AMOLED, Anti-SDE
Resolution2880 X 1,600 (1,440 X 1,600 per eye)
Frequency60Hz, 90Hz
Field of View110o
Sensors2 Windows MR Cameras, IPD Sensor, G-Sensor, Gyroscope, Proximity
TrackingConvenience6DOF, Inside-out
ConnectivityHDMI 2.0, USB 3.0
AudioAKG Premium Audio
MicrophoneDual Array Mic
IPD AdjustmentYes
ConvenienceAdjustable Headband
Weight1.3 lbs

See Samsung’s sizzle reel for the device below:

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