There have been long-standing rumours that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 may launch earlier than expected. Initially, it was believed to be with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, but today Korean site The Elec reports that this may be as soon as July.

This may be because there will not be any Galaxy Note launch this year, as that range is being replaced by the Z Fold 3, which is believed to support the S-Pen.

Interestingly the report suggests that the Z Fold 3 may be a shorter but wider device, much like the Surface Duo, which would be a positive move.

We have heard reports that the Z Fold 3 and Flip 2 have cheaper components than expected, with smaller batteries and weaker cameras, and it may be that Samsung is working to make the devices more accessible this year, vs the $2000 range for the Fold so far.

via SamMobile