Samsung is not fixing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3’s biggest issue


27, 2020

Samsung is expected to launch the next generation of their foldable clamshell smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip ‘3’ some time in Q2 or q3 2021.

Despite this a lot of detail of the new handset has leaked, some of it somewhat disappointing.

According to leaker Cozyplanes, supported by DisplaySearch’s Ross Young, the next Z Flip will still have a rather small external screen.

The screen will be bigger than the current 1.1 inches, but will only allow  1 or 2 more lines of text to be displayed, and will definitely be less than 2 inches in size. This compares poorly to the generous 2.7-inch size o the Motorola Razr 5G external screen.

This was not the only specs that leaked, however.

According to Cozyplanes, the following specs are confirmed:

The device, codenamed Aetel3,  will have 3 external cameras, 1 normal (punch hole presumably) selfie camera, a 6.7 inch (same as the current Z Flip) 120 Hz screen, a slightly larger external display, smaller bezels, and the screen will only be protected by UltraThing Glass 1st Gen, which means no S-Pen support.

It should look similar to the current device, but will still sport a larger battery than the current 3300 mAh in the Z Flip.

Are our readers happy with the only somewhat larger external display? Let us know below.

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