Confirmed: The Samsung Galaxy S21 range does not support Google’s Android Seamless Updates


25, 2021

Early reviewers have confirmed that Samsung’s latest flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S21 range, does not support Google’s Seamless Update feature for Android.

Seamless Updates use identical A/B system partitions where system updates are applied to one partition while the other is being used, and which then swaps when the user reboots.

The feature means users avoid the 5-10 minutes the usual update process takes when their phone is out of action, and updates are overall less likely to fail and brick your device.

Google has been pushing Seamless Updates since 2016, and was believed to have added it to the Android 11 Compatibility Definition Document, meaning every Google Play Android device needed to implement it.

The latest version of the document, however, omits this requirement, which makes sense given that the largest Android vendor has clearly not implemented it.

Samsung’s reluctance to implement the feature is unclear. It does take 2-3 G  of additional storage, but this seems a small price to pay for an otherwise very convenient feature.

via AndroidPolice, Neowin

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