Some Galaxy S20 Ultra and Note20 Ultra smartphones are facing issues with wireless charging


12, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra and S20 Ultra, the company’s two of the most premium handsets, are now giving trouble to some users. Several S20 Ultra and Note20 Ultra users are now complaining that wireless charging is not working properly on their device. According to SamMobile, the problem occurs with some third party chargers.

The issue has so far remained unresolved and what’s even worse is that we haven’t heard anything from Samsung yet. Affected users claimed to have tried multiple ways to try to solve the issue, but no one has managed to find success. And this begs the question of which firmware update is causing the issue. Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer to that, but we can say that, since several users are now complaining about the issue, we expect Samsung to deliver a fix in its upcoming firmware update.

It’s worth noting that only the ‘Ultra’ variants in the S20 and Note20 lineup are facing the issue, meaning wireless charging in the regular Note20, S20, and S20 Plus are working fine.

It’s not exactly clear how many Note20 Ultra/ S20 Ultra are affected as not everyone is using wireless charging, so it’s possible that a lot of people are not aware of this issue and hence the number of smartphones that are affected could be far more than it seems.

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