Two weeks ago we reported on some details regarding Samsung’s new truly wireless earbuds which are expected to be released with the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Today SamMobile added some more information regarding the next generation of these earbuds.

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds will have the same in-ear design as the older Buds and Buds+, but with the usual improved sound quality, improved Ambient mode, and for the first time, will feature Active Noise Cancellation. Due to the in-ear design, these are expected to perform a lot better than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

We have earlier reported that the Buds Beyond will have the model number RM-190 and have the same battery capacity as the Buds+ (60 mAh for the buds, 472 mAh for the case), which may be an issue due to the ANC power requirements.

The name has not been confirmed, but Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond has been touted. The new Buds are expected in early January 2021,  launched with the Samsung Galaxy S21.