Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and Pro gets new feature in latest firmware update


6, 2021

Samsung is pretty good at supporting their old hardware, and their Buds are no exception. The company is currently rolling out new firmware for their Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro which adds a useful new feature.

Besides the usual system stability and reliability improvements, the Galaxy Buds+ (firmware version R175XXU0AUK1) and the Galaxy Buds Pro (firmware version R190XXU0AUK1) is getting a new feature – the ability to detect whether you are wearing your earbud during a call and then acting appropriately.

This would for example allow a call to switch from the Buds to your handset when you remove the Buds from your ear.

The firmware is currently rolling out in South Kore and should reach the rest of the world in a few weeks.

via SamMobile

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