Samsung Galaxy A8s camera cut-out reveals what’s coming with the Samsung Galaxy S10

We expect the Samsung Galaxy S10 to have a near bezel-less screen, but what the company would do with the front-facing camera is not yet clear.

Now a leak of a render of the upcoming mid-range Samsung Galaxy A8 gives us a taste of what is coming, according to Samsung Mobile News.

The render shows a small hole punched in the screen close to the corner, an example of Samsung’s Infinity O screen technology.

The hole in the screen is around 6.7 mm, and according to Samsung Mobile News, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will use the same technology, but somewhat less obtrusive, being 2-3 mm smaller.

While a small punch-out hole would be better than a giant notch, it would likely be more difficult to accommodate in the user interface of applications and would look pretty terrible when watching a video, making us wish Samsung would simply stick to a full top bezel until they develop proper under the screen camera technology.

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