Samsung Focus 2 reviewed

Samsung Focus 2 First Look

In the above video we have Aaron from PhoneDog giving the Samsung Focus 2 a quick hands-on.  TechRadar published their short review of the handset and noted that the Samsung Focus 2 at $49 is a Windows Phone that performs admirably – even when compared to heavyweight contenders like the Nokia Lumia 900.

They say the device felt solidly constructed in the hands, and the ridges to give it a sense of durability. The handset features an illuminated home button which starts of great but ends up gimmicky.

They conclude:

But at $49, none of that really matters. This is the phone you can recommend to your mom’s friend who knows nothing about phones. It’s solidly constructed, boasts an impressive OS, and looks unique in its all-white (a decidedly un-Samsung design decision).

Read their full review here.