Samsung designs a bizarre gaming phone

by Surur
January 30, 2019

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The smartphone market is pretty saturated at present, meaning companies have to work harder to extract our dollars. This has meant a profusion of innovative designs, but occasionally companies get carried away, as is the case with this Samsung design patent.

The device combines two major smartphone trends at present – gaming phones and flexible screens, resulting in a smartphone with a screen which folds outwards and which features dedicated gaming buttons.

Bizarrely the gaming buttons (D-pad and A-F keys) for some reason are normally hidden at the back of the device, to be revealed when the bottom edge is folded upwards.

The patent dates to the end of 2017 and was published on January 29, 2019. It seems unlikely we will see the design hitting the shelves any time soon, but by this time next year there will likely be numerous folding phones on the market, and Samsung will be looking for a new differentiator, and a high-end high-margin dedicated gaming phone may just be it.

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Via LetsGoDigital

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