Samsung continues to be the weakest link as the Samsung ATIV Odyssey gets rooted


It turns out the same hack which fully unlocked the Samsung ATIV S will also work on the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, the somewhat less common Windows Phone 8 CDMA handset on sale on Verizon and US Cellular.

A weakness in a “helper” shipped by Samsung allows XDA-Developer hackers to write arbitrary registry entries to the phone, and allows the phone to be fully unlocked to run arbitrary code (so called Interop Unlocked).

In practice this has resulted in a number of useful hacks, such as activating the 3 column start screen, but it has also resulted in rampant piracy, as apps have been downloaded and repackaged without their protections.

If you have an Samsung ATIV Odyssey and wish to unlock your device find the instructions at XDA-Developers here.