All the speculations and rumors about the Galaxy S20 series of smartphones are going to end soon as Samsung is all set to hold its Unpacked event on February 11. The event will see Samsung unveiling three new products — Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy S20 series.

According to previous rumors, the Galaxy Z Flip will be the first one to hit the market as Samsung is going to begin shipping it from February 14. On the other hand, Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy S20 are rumored to hit the market on the first Friday in the month of March and that is March 6.

While Samsung hasn’t made any formal announcement regarding the release date of the Galaxy S20 series, the Korean manufacturer cleverly confirmed the rumored March 6 release date in the Galaxy S20 registration page. You can enter your email address on the registration page and Samsung will notify you when it starts taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S20 series.

That said, “simply placing a reservation will not automatically place an order nor are you guaranteed a device during pre-order”. So, if you’re interested in buying the S20 at the earliest, make sure to pre-order on day one.

Samsung neither confirmed nor rejected the rumored date of availability of the Galaxy Z Flip, leaving us in the dark about whether or the February 14 release date is real.

via AP