Samsung brings HDR, Slow Motion video and more to their WP8.1 Camera App

samsung camera

Nokia’s own Nokia Camera software is pretty iconic, but Samsung is no slouch when it comes to camera features either, especially on their Android handsets.

The company has now released into a Windows Phone Store an exclusive ATIV Camera app for Windows Phone 8.1, presumably both for their new rumoured WP 8.1 handsets and also once their current devices are upgraded.

The app supports various shooting modes with an intuitive user interface.

It features  Auto, Beauty Face, Best Photo, Best Face, Rich Tone(HDR), Eraser, Night Shot, and more.

It also supports Slow motion video recording, a new capability of the WP8.1 camera API, and also supports Capturing still image during video recording.

imageThe feature set is similar to Samsung’s Android handsets, and will hopefully make Windows Phone users somewhat less envious.

Current Ativ WP8.1 owners can try and install the app from the Windows Phone Store here.