Samsung Ativ SE might be able to get Windows 10 Update via production ring soon


Microsoft and Samsung haven’t made any indication of providing Windows 10 Mobile for users who use older Ativ Models, but it doesn’t look like that silence is entirely due to inaction.

A poster on Reddit today shared his experience with the Windows Insider app and Windows 10 Mobile. After previously hacking his phone’s registry to update it to another model which was compatible with Windows 10, he updated and later reset the device and lost the ability to both update the phone via Insider and the registry changes he had previously made. This stopped him from being able to use the Windows Insider app as Microsoft does not support Insider Builds for Samsung Ativ devices, at least at the time.

Microsoft’s update to the Windows Insider app a week ago added the production or release preview ring, and that enabled him to update his device further to the current 10586.107 which Microsoft pushed out to slow ring users yesterday.

The key point to take away is that the Windows Insider app provides the update to .107 via the production ring for this user.

We don’t have a Samsung Ativ SE on hand so cannot verify if this is some kind od bug with the Samsung Ativ SE caused by it being an unspported device on the insider preview, some leftover issue from playing about with the registry or an actual genuine case of Windows 10 coming to the Ativ SE via insider.

While it is tempting to dismiss this. we’re interested in finding out which is true. Do you have a Samsung Ativ SE or similar device (perhaps on Windows 10 via hack or otherwise? ) Try the Windows Insider app and let us know how it goes in the comments below.