Will it be Samsung Galaxy Z Roll or Samsung Galaxy Z Slide?  Samsung Display has shown off an expanding smartphone at a recent industry event, and recent trademark filings suggest the company is planning to bring such a device to market.

Samsung how however patented both Samsung Galaxy Z Roll and Samsung Galaxy Z Slide, the most recent on the 21 May 2021.

It seems the company is keeping its options open, unless the trademark refers to two subtly different devices, a bit like the Z Fold and the Z Flip, which are both clamshell foldables, but very different handsets.

Like the Z Roll, the Z Slide trademark can also refer to an “electronic pen” suggesting this device will also support Samsung’s S-Pen.

Whatever it is, we do not expect to see these new form factors this year, but Samsung is expected to deliver something very interesting using flexible screens early next.

The Z Slide trademark can be seen here.

via LetsGoDigital