Anyone looking at the list of handsets which best supports Microsoft’s Your Phone app, which lets you manage your Android handset from your PC, will notice a heavy slant towards Samsung devices.

Now ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that this may not be by accident, as Microsoft is deepening their partnership with Samsung.

Samsung already ships their Android handsets with a number of Microsoft Office apps pre-installed, and now MJF reports that this may include new apps such as Your Phone, saying:

I’m hearing the pair recently updated their partnership agreement, which ultimately could result in Samsung selling some of its phones pre-installed with Microsoft Android apps, including Your Phone for connecting phones to Windows 10 PCs.

Next week at the Samsung Unpacked event in Brooklyn, where Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 10, Microsoft will be on stage, I’m hearing from my sources. Microsoft will be demonstrating how its various Office apps and its Your Phone companion app will work on the coming wave of Samsung phones, sources say.

Microsoft already works closely with Samsung, helping to customize Microsoft’s productivity apps to work well with Dex, Samsung’s feature which allows it to present a PC-like desktop when connected to a big screen, and also for the changing screen sizes of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold handset.

Microsoft benefits from staying the default productivity platform despite their absent mobile market share, keeping challengers like Google Docs from growing from the bottom up.

Of course many see these pre-installed applications as bloatware eating up your precious storage.  What do our readers think? Let us know in the comments below.e