EA Access, the paid gaming subscription service from EA that’s currently only available on Xbox One and PC, could potentially be coming to PlayStation 4 consoles.

The source of the rumour is a Reddit post, simply titled “Possible EA Acess leak on the Brazillian PSN?” [sic] and accompanied by a rather blurry photo of an EA Access app in the PlayStation store.

Image source: u/Sabazin on Reddit.

Translated from Portuguese, the app reads “EA Access now available”. The poster of the image, u/Sabazin, says that they aren’t the original photographer and received the photo in a PS4 chat group.

If the image is indeed a fake, it’s a fairly decent photoshop job. However, EA did recently mention that they have plans to bring EA Access to ‘another major platform’ this year, and PlayStation is indeed a major platform.

EA Access on Xbox One currently offers games such as NBA Live 19, Madden 19, UFC 3, the infamous Star Wars Battlefront II, Fe, the console versions of The Sims 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and many more.

It should be noted that EA Access doesn’t have a library that’s as extensive as other subscription services, such as the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

However, its inclusion on the PlayStation 4 could make up for the fact that PlayStation Plus subscribers no longer get PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita games in their monthly lineup.

Source: Reddit.