Rumour: 9 new Windows Phones to be shown off on the 24th


22, 2011

Author Surur // in News, Rumour

rumour160304jpgWe have received another tasty rumour, and as usual can not resist passing it on.

We are all expecting to hear a lot more about Mango on the 24th, and we are also expecting to have the Windows Phone 7.5 emulator released to developers.

What no-one is expecting is new devices to be shown off, but this is exactly what our tipster is telling us.

According to him/her we can expect around 9 devices to be announced – 2 from HTC, 2 from Acer, one from Dell (the Dell Wrigley) and a massive 4 from Samsung,  some of which resemble the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The handsets are not necessarily expected to be released soon; in fact they are likely aimed for the holiday season, which would likely put a further damper on current Windows Phone 7 sales.  On the other hand it gets increasingly difficult to keep handsets secret when they enter carrier testing, so officially announcing them 3-4 months before release may not be such an issue.

As usual we do not have any corroboration for this rumour, but unlike the last one we should know very, very soon if its true or not.

Special thanks of course to our anonymous tipster.

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