Rudy says Snapchat “hate Microsoft”



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We’ve had some recent activity around the persistent Snapchat issue, but Rudy Huyn, who has been down this road before (and has a working version of 6Snap on his phone), did not have a lot of confidence  in an open source solution.

His doubts rest on two issues – the unfamiliarity of the developer with Snapchat’s defenses and secondly, Snapchat’s specific hatred for Microsoft and determination not to have a solution for Windows Phone.

He writes on twitter:


Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has been called Kind Of An Ass and has long been felt to have something personal against Microsoft.  Given his immature behavior it seems unlikely a first party client will ever become available, which ironically leaves our only hope a 3rd party client where developers are personally at risk of having Snapchat’s heavies show up at their door.

Do our readers see a solution? Maybe SkypeChat? Let us know below.

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