Rudy Huyn starts own company, aims to bring more official apps to Windows Phone

6studio logo

Rudy Huyn has finally decided to make things a bit more official, and start his own development studio called 6Studio.

Likely prompted by a partnership with Tinder, Rudy said on twitter the effect of the company would be more official apps coming to Windows Phone.

Rudy has so far specialized in bringing major apps from other platforms to Windows Phone unofficially.

He has apps like 6Snap, a Snapchat client, 6tag, a full features Instagram apps with more features than the official app on Windows Phone, 6Sec for Vine and many, many more in the store.

I suspect he will be much less nimble as a company, but he will hopefully be able to form better relationships with the large companies to whom the services belong, and the apps will hopefully be much less likely to be removed by Microsoft.

I am sure our readers will join us in wishing one of Windows Phone’s hero developers the best of luck going forward.