Although the war of web search as we know today is over with Google as the Winner, Microsoft’s Bing, which is the most used search engine after Google, has many unique, powerful features that make things easier for the users and most importantly, they are missing or produce poor results in the Chrome browser.

One such feature is Image Search. Bing not only excels at providing better search results than Google but also bring some additional features such as the “Rotating Wallpapers.” The feature has been there for quite a while now on Microsoft Edge but turns out that the feature is now available on the world’s most used web browser, Google Chrome.

As always, you can set Bing as your default Search engine on Chrome. Upon doing so, you will now see the “Bing’s Wallpaper of the day” each time you open a new tab on Chrome. The interface looks similar to the one that you see on any Microsoft-made web browser. You’ll see a new wallpaper every day on the Chrome welcome screen.

To switch from Google to Bing in Chrome, all you need to do is click on the three-dot view at the top right corner of the browser, then click on Settings, click on “Search engine” option at the left, now you will see a rectangular box right next to the “Search engine used in the address bar” option. Click on it and Chose Bing. Open a new tab and see the change.

Thanks to our reader Nicks for sharing this piece of information!