Rockstar Games might be working on a new Midnight Club game



It looks like Rockstar Games might be developing a new game in (and potentially rebooting) the Midnight Club series. The eagle-eyed Reddit user Derik2502 managed to discover a developer playing the game on Xbox Live. This led to him finding two screenshots of the game – one of the title screen (shown above) and one of a car selection screen.

While Derik2502 provided Imgur mirrors of the screenshots, he also linked to them directly on Xbox Live. While these have been pulled since his post, the game’s Game Hub icon is still live on Microsoft’s servers and can be found by clicking here. While many things can be faked, this has to be completely legitimate- it’s not a user uploaded item.

This doesn’t appear to be a remaster of any game in the franchise, and looks instead like it’ll be a brand new entry entirely. There’s no other information about the game that’s available at the moment, and there was no previous indication that Rockstar was even working on this game, so its official announcement might be far in the future.

We’ll keep an eye out for any more information about the game, so be sure to stay tuned.

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