Richer suggestions are coming to Microsoft Teams search

June 28, 2023

Security researchers have recently discovered a critical vulnerability in the latest iteration of Microsoft Teams. But not everything is bad news for Teams users. Microsoft is working on a couple of new functionalities that will improve the search experience in the Teams iOS app. The software giant claims these features will provide a richer search experience in the Teams iOS app.

When running a search query in the Teams mobile app on iOS, users will now get “more and richer suggestions.” Microsoft has not explained what changes will be part of the “richer suggestions” in the Teams iOS app. However, as described in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap page, one of the search improvements will include the ability to use people and keywords together while searching for messages.

You might be well aware of this functionality if you are running the Teams desktop app. You can use what it calls “Keyword Query Language” to find something in Teams search. For example, you can use “From:<Person’s name>” in the search, which will show you the result, consisting of everything you received from that person. But in the Teams iOS app, when you search people and a keyword together, it will find the messages and more information related to that person. Meanwhile, if you’re using it on your desktop, you can learn how to use collaborative meeting notes in Teams.

Microsoft is planning to launch these search improvements for the Teams iOS app in July. However, the company might push them to a later date if it faces any hurdles in development. We hope Microsoft won’t delay the launch of these important changes in the Teams iOS app.

Are you using Microsoft Teams on your iOS device? If yes, how satisfied are you with the search results you get in the app? Let us know in the comments section.

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