After our article about Razer’s entry-level kit for gamers, we were swiftly sent a new kit. Dubbed as the company’s productivity kit, the Atheris mouse, BlackWidow Lite and Goliathus Mobile stealth don’t impress us as much as last time’s offering.s It’s a mixed bag, but one that still manages to feel like a mid-to-high-end experience.

Out of everything Razer has released since its conception, this lineup certainly envisions more of a professional aesthetic. In particular, their Blackwidow Lite keyboard offers a sleek, official design that wouldn’t look out of place on a professional’s desk. It’s a design that carries itself through the rest of this kit too, especially in regards to the Golitahus mousemat. They’re both sleek and minimalist – a great pair – but they’re a combination that makes the Atheris feel out of place. Unlike its peers, the Atheris isn’t as minimalist, instead opting for a not-so-subtle ridged side-grip, a side-grip that doesn’t feel so needed when you look at other Razer products.

As devices, how do they behave? The Goliathus Mobile Stealth happens to be both the hardest and the easiest to explain. While many are unaware of the craft, there’s a lot that goes into making a solid mousemat. For many, a cloth mat is essential, especially for eSports FPSs like CS:GO and Overwatch. Other, slower, games may benefit from a more rigid design. However, given that the Goliathus Mobile is a product advertised entirely as a productivity device, it is simply a great choice out of many. While it doesn’t maintain the usual Gamer-centric aestetic, this textured-cloth sheet is perfect for gaming as well as for office work or video editing. It belongs in a professional environment.

Look how sleek and sexy that mousemat is! Cyoar!

The Blackwidow Lite is more complex to explain than a simple slab of cloth, but it is by far the star of Razer’s productivity package. In layman’s terms, the Blackwidow Lite is a gamer’s keyboard in an office worker’s clothing. It feels comfortable for any task, especially writing. As someone who has been using the device for more than a month for everything, the Blackwidow Lite is a definite recommendation for anyone needing a multipurpose keyboard. It offers small travel within an amazing key-to-body ratio. For both writing and gaming, sufficient feedback is important and, with just the right amount of clunk, the Blackwidow is suited for both.

However, as a device targeting productivity, it bizarrely skimps out on including a full number pad, instead keeping that all-important feature segregated over to higher-end models. For many, it is essential, and the lack of this means that it simply isn’t as usable for many. As a keyboard, it is simply sublime to use, but it does take some hits for this lackluster removal.

The Blackwidow Lite is described as a silent mechanical keyboard. It sure is mechanical, but it is far from silent.

For gaming, this keyboard is just as satisfying. Again, the aforementioned missing keypad might be a hit for some gamers but, that aside, this is a fantastic option for games. The feedback provided by the chunky mechanic switches underneath the slender keycaps is infinitely more reliable and satisfying than our previous review keyboard—the Razer Cynosa Chroma.

Then there’s the Atheris, Razer’s wireless mouse. In our review of the Abyssus Essential, we loved the device so much that a close friend of mine decided to gift me the device for my birthday – I use it on a daily basis. The Atheris isn’t as satisfying to use as that particular mouse, although, as a more productive device, it does beat it in some key areas.

Simply put, the wireless functionality of the Atheris is fantastic. With a decent range and minimal input lag, it certainly surprises in its implementation. Using the device for simple presentations or even controlling a PC in the living room for entertainment purposes makes it a clear winner over many wired mice. With an impressive 360-hour battery life, which we definitely put to the test, the Atheris is a very reliable piece of kit.

As far as wireless mice go, the Atheris is definitely a high-end device.

For a device you’ll be taking everywhere, the Atheris is quite on the pricey side. It definitely feels premium enough—it’s a mouse that you won’t ever find yourself feeling uncomfortable with—but compared to cheaper products like the Logitech M185, there is a hefty price tag.

Razer’s productivity set isn’t just designed entirely for office work—to believe that would be senseless. Much like everything Razer has ever made, there is still a premium finish and an essence of gamer-tech inside them. They are for productivity, especially the Goliathus, but they are far from limited to just that. They’re for gamers stuck in an office—they’re for everything you’d need them for.