Review: Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass — More reason to play

Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass focuses on the French Army as the hardened veterans make a stand in a brutal defense of their homeland. Aside from the new fighting force, the expansion adds weapons, maps, operations and tanks among other items. While the new Frontlines mode needs some work, the content packed into They Shall Not Pass is second to none. If you’ve been looking for a spectacular reason to return to Battlefield 1, look no further.

A spectacular reason to return to Battlefield 1

Aside from the new mode, the highlight of They Shall Not Pass has to be the Verdun Heights map. According to the developers, the opening barrage of the Battle of Verdun created massive forest fires around the region. Verdun Heights is a burning wasteland which offers a glimpse into the devastation large-scale conflicts cause. Players fight their way through rubble as they try to advance on the massive fortress of Verdun. Verdun Heights is one of the most thrilling experiences even though it doesn’t involve massive zeppelins crashing to the ground. The map is a testament to simple but enthralling level design due to its history and setting.

They Shall Not Pass also adds locations like Fort de Vaux, Rupture and Soissons but they don’t offer that sense of awe which Verdun Heights provides. Verdun Heights appeals to you on an emotional level due to the disintegrating scenery. The other maps feel like ones we’ve experienced before in the base game and pale in comparison.

Verdun Heights appeals to you on an emotional level

As mentioned earlier, Frontlines is the other selling point of the expansion. The mode is a combination of Conquest and Rush. Conquest is a large-scale scenario with 64 players vying for control of objectives. Rush tasks players with attacking communication devices while trying to prevent the enemy from gaining the upper hand

In Frontlines you experience a hybrid of both modes as you fight for control points which flip back and forth. Both teams compete for one flag and the cycle repeats itself through various locations. That’s not all, though. The gameplay changes significantly once a team’s headquarters are captured. After that happens, you have to go around attacking or defending communication devices. The combination of the two modes makes Frontlines quite special.

The combination of Conquest and Rush makes Frontlines quite special

They Shall Not Pass features many weapons but the Siege Howitzer has to be one of the best. You can think of it as a personal mortar. The shells unleash devastating effects on the environment as well as enemy combatants. It’s just a ton of fun to use!

The expansion isn’t without its problems, though. Battlefield 1 on Xbox One continues to suffer from long delays in the menus when you’re trying to join a game. Matches themselves run smoothly but the game still has numerous bugs. The new mode, Frontlines, has to be the worst of them all. There are numerous glitches pertaining to gameplay and it’s clear that the new content needs more polish. Lastly, players and weapons still clip through walls in some locations and witnessing that can be quite jarring.

The new content needs more polish

Despite the minor problems which don’t impact gameplay that much, They Shall Not Pass elevates the Battlefield 1 experience. The expansion is available early for Battlefield 1: Premium Pass members and should release for everyone else on March 28. If DICE keeps up content like this then they’ll ensure the game’s longevity.

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