Review: Astro C40 TR Controller is the best one you can buy for PlayStation 4 but not PC

May 27, 2019

Ever since the Astro C40 TR Controller was announced, a lot of gamers have been curious about how it works and feels with a PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PC. We’ve been testing it out for the past two months, and it’s by far the best one for PS4. However, on PC it’s a separate issue. While the controller feels premium, it’s not as refined as the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller in my opinion.

The C40 is made entirely out of plastic and features a smooth rubberized finish. Since it’s one piece, you won’t have to worry about the annoying loose-grip issue that plagues the Xbox Elite. Despite being wider than the Xbox Elite, it’s much lighter due to the integrated battery and lack of metal parts. The aluminum paddles and stainless steel thumbsticks might give the Xbox Elite a premium feel, but they also add some weight.

The standout feature of the C40 has to be the ability to customize the thumbstick layout. Out of the box, it’ll come with a symmetrical configuring like a standard Sony DualShock 4 or Razer Raiju Ultimate. Since that’s not ideal and rather uncomfortable, you’ll immediately want to switch it to an asymmetrical layout. Doing so is easy because you have to unscrew the top panel with the bundled screwdriver, and just switch the thumbsticks around. However, keep in mind that you have to align the red lines or else the controller won’t work.

The software features are also quite robust. Just like the Xbox Elite, you can change the thumbstick sensitivity, trigger sensitivity, rumble intensity, light brightness, built-in speaker volume, remap buttons, and much more. Had it been a little less wide, it would’ve been even better than Microsoft’s device.

Instead of featuring a lot of paddles, the C40 just has two giant back buttons. This is better than what Microsoft provides because they can’t be accidentally pressed all the time. Instead of giving us four paddles, the Xbox Elite should’ve done this for a more comfortable feel.

While the C40 is an excellent device, it costs $200. It’s undoubtedly the best controller for PS4, but the Xbox Elite still remains supreme on PC. You can purchase Microsoft’s accessory for $150, so it’s cheaper and better overall. If you can ignore the grips coming loose after a while, the choice is clear if you only want to use it for your PC.

When it comes to PS4, the choice is clear as well. You should buy the C40. I’ve tested out the DualShock 4, Razer Raiju Ultimate, Razer Raiju Tournament, and much more here at MSPoweruser, and the C40 blew me away. It’s quite expensive, but worth it if you’re only planning on using it for PS4.

At the end of the day, it’s your decision. Hopefully, Astro will release a new model soon that is less wide than this one. If the company manages to do that, it will be the best controller on the market by miles.

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