RetroArch emulators coming to Xbox One in early 2019


31, 2018

Microsoft’s Xbox One console may end up being the new king of emulation following the announcement that RetroArch will grace the system in 2019.

The console will be one of the few consoles that won’t require jailbreaking or soft-modding your console to execute the program. Those who own an Xbox One can turn their device into a dev kit by purchasing a developer account for the low price of £12, $19 or €14.

While in developer mode, your Xbox One can’t run officially signed software.

This developer mode is the primary reason that developers libretro are bringing the service to Xbox One. As the developers said in their official Twitter announcement, this means that anyone with an Xbox One can use the emulator.

Emulation is one of the few reasons why the original Xbox is still used today and it looks like Xbox One will also see the benefit of emulation very soon. With the power available in both Xbox One and Xbox One X, the Microsoft systems should be an emulator powerhouse for the living room.

Source: Twitter

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