Researchers bypass Apple’s FaceID using regular glasses and a tape


9, 2019

Author Pradeep // in Apple

“Some of our most sophisticated technologies — the TrueDepth camera system, the Secure Enclave and the Neural Engine — make FaceID the most secure facial authentication ever in a smartphone.” These are the words Apple use to describe their FaceID biometric authentication system.

Face ID can recognize even when the device owner put on glasses. It even works with many types of sunglasses. Also, FaceID has a feature called “liveness” detection which will prevent anyone from unlocking a device when the owner of the device is unconscious. Researchers took advantage of these two features to bypass FaceID. When a user is wearing glasses, FaceID won’t extract 3D information from the eye area.

During Black Hat USA 2019, researchers demonstrated a way to bypass FaceID and log into a locked phone by simply using a pair of modified glasses on device owner’s face.

“..researchers created a prototype of glasses – dubbed “X-glasses” – with black tape on the lenses, and white tape inside the black tape. Using this trick they were then able to unlock a victim’s mobile phone and then transfer his money through mobile payment App by placing the tape-attached glasses above the sleeping victim’s face…”

Take a look at the glasses which researchers used in this hack.

You can learn more about this hack from the source link below.

Source: Threatpost

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