Researchers: 5G networks will affect accuracy of weather forecasting by 30 percent


20, 2019

Author Pradeep // in News

While most of us are waiting for the launch of 5G smartphones and 5G networks, here’s a bad news. It looks like the 5G networks will affect the accuracy of weather forecasting by 30 percent. Basically, weather forecasting accuracy will drop to the levels we saw four decades ago.

Despite the objections of scientists at NOAA, NASA, and the American Meteorological Society, FCC recently sold the 24-gigahertz frequency band to wireless carriers. This frequency is is extremely close to the frequency (23.8 GHz) in which water vapor emits a faint signal in the atmosphere. This 23.8 GHz frequency is used to collect weather data that is used in prediction models for forecasting storms and weather systems. So, the upcoming 5G networks will affect the accuracy of satellites that monitor weather signals.

While the weather systems can’t move away from 23.8 GHz, FCC can move 5G spectrum. Hopefully, FCC will do it for the greater good.

Source: Wired

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